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One Word: FPS

Not at all a bad start, really. But it just seems to drag on and on, not because of neverending action but probably because you still have your frames per second set to the default (12), which I'm always forgetting to change myself. Boost it up before you do your next flash and see where it takes you.

YTFlashStar responds:

actually i use 24 frames per second...


That's some pretty crazy animation work. Very nice. I say you do more, tapping into the rest of the Smash Bros cast, fitting of the title Super Smash. :) I'd love to see your realistic take on some other big Nintendo (or even other) franchises.

My only real critique/complaint is the flash kind of chokes during heavy effect scenes, most especially when Fire Luigi is in action. This is probably from overuse of gradients (and perhaps glows/blurs?) which does tend to make Flash choke in my experience.

Also would've been neat to see them more visibly power up with the mushroom and fire flower.

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This speaks to me.

Because I've been there, oh so many times. Although realistically, Flash rarely crashes on me, it just starts lagging to oblivion and doing the most absurd shit that most don't know is possible. I know friends have the crashing issues though.

This could've been better done, though.

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Absolutely cannot put this down. Even though I'm starving from staring at all of the tacos, have way more things to do with my evenings, and really only have customers left to gold star, I can't stop playing! Deserves to be a for-real console/handheld game, if you ask me.

Simple but good get-the-job-done graphics, tuned gameplay, non-intrusive music, etc. 10 stars in every way.

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What is this I don't even

I don't know what I just played but it may have been one of the greatest games I've ever experienced.

The concept is sheer madness, but I quickly ignored this due to how much fun I was having. You have tapped what true gaming is and I commend you for not attaching a 17 minute Indie intro to this and ruining the experience.


A great TD game for any TD fan.

The only thing I can really complain about are ninjas, or more specifically, champion ninjas. I feel like meteor breaking their stealth would be enough to help, but on some levels (12) there's about no way to stop them from at least touching a gem unless you save up your entire mana pool to meteor spam them. Making them weaker would just make them expendable, but I feel like damage breaking their stealth would at least make the champions a bit more managable (and not passively, either).

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